Nachos (naa-chowz)

The most famous of all – Little fried tortillas (totopos) covered with Mexican beans, jalapeno chillies and melted cheese with chipotle paste
Choice of Cheese/Chicken/Lamb/Crab Meat

Enrollados (en-ro-lla-dos)

A plateful of crunchy golden brown tortilla rolls, with melted cheddar cheese and stuffing, served with tomatillo, guacamole and crema agria.
Choice of Mushroom/Chicken/Lamb

Chilli Con Queso (keh-so)

Melted Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese with Jalapenos, onions and tomatoes, served with crispy totopos -with the right hint of heat

Habanero Buffalo Wings

Spicy – as spicy as you like them – with a spice level of 1 to 10

Little Devils (Pequeño Diablo)

Jalapeno Chillies stuffed with cream cheese and refried beans served with crema agria and tomatillo

Ceviche (seh-vi-chey)

From the west of Mexico – tender seafood cooked with lemon, combined with the flavours of Tomato, onion and coriander – try the spicy aguachile. Choice of Fish/Shrimp


A Mexican staple – Fried tortillas, with lettuce, refried, beans, avocado, crema agria and casero queso fresco. Choice of Vegetarian/Chicken/Lamb


(“chee-lah-KEE-lays”) is a traditional dish found throughout Mexico, fried tortilla strips simmered in green tomatillo, melted cheese, corn and queso fresco. Choice of Cheese/Chicken/Lamb/Crab Meat

Quesadillas (kei-suh-dee-uhz)

Literally – the little cheesy things – Toasty tortillas filled with melted cheese and stuffing of your choice. Choice of Cheese/ Vegetables/Chicken/Lamb/Shrimp

Sopes (soh-peh)

A sope is a traditional Mexican finger food originating in the centre and southern part of Mexico, made with masa (corn flour) and pulled meat of your choice, refried beans, pickled onions. Choice of Chicken/Lamb.

Chilli Con Carne

Spicy comfort food – mince lamb stew – served with tortilla chips(totopos)